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 AHCA Austin-Healey Media Archive

At the last delegates meeting a proposal was put forth to consider having an AHCA (Austin Healey Club of America) Austin-Healey archive of film, video and publications which could then be made available, on loan, to the clubs.  This idea started out with the thought of having a video and film library from which clubs could check out the media for use in club meetings or events.  It quickly expanded to also consider archiving publications.  In concept clubs wishing to use the archive material would pay the shipping cost and a refundable security deposit.  If the material can be copied then there would also be a duplication fee probably in lieu of the security deposit.  This letter is the first step in pursuing this idea.

There are many questions to be answered and details to be worked out before this could become a reality.  To help us determine if this is a worthwhile effort there are several pieces of information that you or your club members can provide us.

First we would like to know if your club feels that a AHCA Austin-Healey Archive would be worthwhile?  All comments and suggestions on how it should operate or be organized will be appreciated.

Do you or your members have materials that they would be willing to make available for the archive?  If there are materials we would appreciate a list of these items.  Also, under what conditions would they be available; donated, loaned for copying, owner will provide a copy, available from the owner on request or ???

Are there any suggestions or comments on where such an archive should be located?  Do you have club members who would like to be actively involved with this project and if so in what capacity?

We would like to have this information by May 15, 2002, if possible.  We will then compile this information and determine where to go from there.

Please send all information to:
Bob Kitterer
808 Seabright Lane
Solana Beach, CA 92075
or e-mail

Thank you for your time and input.
Bob Kitterer - Chairman
AHCA Archive Feasibility Committee